17 January 2024

We would like to welcome 2024 with a general update. 

We have a lovely new lorry which has been designed to give the most luxurious and comfortable of journeys to all of our beloved horses. It has been upgraded with extensive ventilation for our ever testing temperatures, both here in the UK and in the EU. It has additional windows, roof vents and fans and has full grills rather than solid walls to allow maximum ventilation. We are pleased to announce we are fully EU approved and offer a very specific and personal transport on these long and sometimes testing journeys. These are direct individual journeys, cutting down significant travel times, as there are no lengthy diversions to drop off and collect other horses. This also reduces the risk of cross contamination. Each trip is tailored to your horse’s specific requirements. We use only the best EU stop-over stabling, ensuring the horse is fully rested before continuing on their journey. We cover all areas of Europe, including areas a lot of the multi horse transporters don’t cover. We look forward to planning and delivering your horses to Europe and  all parts of Britain, ensuring your horses arrive in tip top condition whilst travelling with us. Wishing all my wonderful clients, new and existing, a very happy and successful 2024.